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It's Time to Chill Out

It’s time to chill out.

What is a movie’s purpose, if not to entertain? Are we not capable of being entertained anymore?


This post discusses major plot points for Avengers: Endgame. Proceed at your own risk.

So, I think we’re really past the point of no return here. Surely, we all knew that with the Endgame would come the nitpicking. And sure, maybe it’s reasonable to expect a higher grade of such because of the film’s role in its universe as a chapter closer, and in the zeitgeist as a legitimate event.

It’s when you start devoting paragraphs to the rat in Ant Man’s van that things really start to go down the rabbit hole. If that rat ruined the experience for you, then you may want to reconsider if you’re even capable of enjoying escapism.

And that’s the point of this. Escapism is why we’re here. We’re accepting a man made by super soldier serum, a guy who turns into an enormous green monster, alien warlords who can snap the universe virtually out of existence, wizards, a human/alien hybrid who is nigh invulnerable, and we get hung up on the movies not being realistic because a rat got into a van. Or that finding two Nebula cortexes on the same network shouldn’t be happening, or that somehow they can’t be hacked into. Come the fuck on.


Our culture has evolved now to a point where we’ve become obsessed almost with films needing to be perfectly above board. Filmmakers, who have in past generations never had to sit down and defend even the smallest of contrivances, are now given grief over small decisions like the rat, or have entire articles written about how a nice moment where all the surviving MCU women were on screen at once wasn’t “earned.”

As a result, we seem to have lost focus on why these movies exist in the first place: FUN! Movies aren’t made for us internet weirdos or the guys at CinemaSins to break down. They’re there to entertain. The kids in the theatres are always going to have the most fun, and that’s true because they aren’t going to spend time being drawn out of the plot by something that seems implausible. They haven’t evolved into the critics that we have yet, and that’s why many of us have a movie that we loved when we were a kid, even if it wasn’t particularly good by adult standards.


There’s really something to be said for that kind of innocence. I’ve given up the notion of recapturing my childhood, mostly because I hated my childhood and I’m much happier now than I was then. But I enjoy going into a movie and just letting go so I can have some fun for a couple hours and get away from reality. I do review movies, and I enjoy being able to speak intelligently on them, but I do not let that hobby get in the way of my ability to be entertained. Was Iron Man 2 one of the lesser movies of the MCU? Sure. Will I watch it if it’s on? Yeah, cuz why not. It’s entertaining.

I think truly my point here is that opinions are like assholes, and we are spending far too much time these days being wrapped up in having these opinions, and it’s taking away from our ability to enjoy things that are made for us to enjoy. We need to chill out, not let all the minor shit that may happen prevent us from having a good time. They didn’t mourn Black Widow long enough? Do you stop the war to mourn the dead soldier? No. These are people that have coped with loss before, and know that there’s still a job to do, and time to mourn later.


Comic books have played fast and loose with death for their entire existence. The Joker died in his first appearance, for crying out loud. And suddenly, when a movie based on a comic book comes out, we will sit here and freak the ever-loving fuck out over little plot devices. Sorry that your sensibilities are offended, but if you’re looking for unquestionable narrative perfection from a movie based on comic books, you’re in the wrong place. The MCU found a way to shoehorn in time travel, and we accept that. We have to, or we won’t have a plot. The Avengers aren’t pretending to be the Godfather. When you walk into the theatre to watch a bunch of guys and gals with extraordinary powers and tech take on a villain from across the universe who just wiped half of it out with a snap of his fingers, you know exactly what you’re getting into.

Maybe the threshold is the spot to leave those expectations for perfection. Remember why you bought that ticket, and spend more time enjoying your movie than trying to rip it apart. I had a blast. I saw reactions from people that I don’t see in theatres very often. People pumped their fists and cheered and applauded at various moments. That’s what this is about; being in this universe and watching these characters that we’ve grown with find a way to undo an incredible wrong. If you can’t get fired up when Mjolnir flies into Steve Rogers’ hand, then man, you need to find something else to watch.

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